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About us

Our collection brings to you and your baby high quality products which will fit in with your living surroundings giving your baby maximum safety and security as you take care of your baby.

All products on our Website are lovingly handcrafted in Germany (Bavaria). High quality, innovative products upholding tradition, design with clear forms, fresh and classic colours characterize our products.

We use exclusive high quality soft materials that have been certified for use with babies. The wood used for our products comes from German sustainable forestry.

The furniture is constructed in accordance with European DIN EN 1130 standards. The paintwork is in accordance with toy standards DIN EN 71-3.

Our dedicated Team strive to offer you the very best of service. We are at your service at all times for further questions you may have.

Your Christiane Wegner & Team

Sustainability – for us it’s a matter close to the heart

Dear expecting Parents, Dear interested Consumers,
We would like to inform you about our manufacturers Motto!

Our products are manufactured solely in Germany.

German manufacturing stands not only for the preservation of jobs and excellent product quality but also for the highest ecological standards – Environment protection at its highest level! We and our suppliers have excellent working conditions and fair wages.

The wood used in our products originates exclusively from sustainable German forest management. As our suppliers are located close by we can say with confidence that our climate footprint is well balanced.

All things considered, we are doing our utmost to provide for our babies for whom we manufacture our products, with an Environment in which they can live a carefree life as we do in the year 2019. 2022.

“We work not only to produce, but to give value to time.”

(Eugène Delacroix)

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