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Our Products

A Bassinet or Cradle fitted with a large mattress (approx. 86 x 46 cm) will provide your baby with comfort and a good night’s sleep. Ample space is important as your baby will, after all, be using it for 7 – 8 months.

A Bassinet allows you to have your baby near you at all times. You can place it beside your bed at night and during the day have it in the living room or office or even outdoors. The padded bumper is filled with a light breathable wadding so that your baby can sleep safely.

The base of the Bassinet comes with extra large drill holes allowing for better ventilation. In general each product comes with a foam interior mattress as well as brakeable casters suitable for wooden floors or carpet.

When putting your child down to sleep, lay them down on their back, as this is safer than lying on their side or stomach. We have sleeping bags in all designs and in sizes 60, 70 or 80cm.

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Stubenwagen Maxi

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The Bassinet has a large mattress approx. 86 x 46 cm. If desired, you can order a 80 x 80 cm cover with every Bassinet. It’s also available with a Canopy.

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Bassinet Lisa

This Bassinet has large lying surface and offers all the comforts the Bassinet Maxi has to offer. It differs only in design and is more of a minimalist style.

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Cradle Kathi

All cradles come with a large breathable foam mattress approx. 45 x 88 cm in size. The Bassinet is fitted with a Slatted frame providing optimal ventilation. With the help of the swing function you can rock your baby to sleep.

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Twins Bed Carlos

In a Twins bed your twins will feel comfortable and maintain their familiar closeness they are accustomed to. The mattress measures 88x73 cm providing your twins with ample space until they can sit up unaided. The bed can be pushed through standard door dimensions. The perforated mattress and the breathable padded basic bumper optimally provide for very good ventilation.

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Cocoon Balu

The Cocoon is a safe haven for baby to sleep and can be used for example:

  • In a Cot or in the play pen
  • In your bed
  • In the bedside cot
  • When travelling and as a spare bed at the grandparents
  • im gesamten Wohnbereich (sehr flexibel, da gut tragbar)
  • As a floor mat
  • When travelling in a caravan

Your baby is always in its familiar and safe surroundings and always near you. The Cocoon Balu provides you with a lot of flexibility as it is lightweight, has 2 handles, 4 zips which can be individually opened or closed.

If you choose to have your baby sleep in your bed, the cocoon provides ideal protection.

Your baby can sleep in this cocoon until it is 6 months old. As it measures 44 x 77cm this will create a safe sleeping environment, giving baby familiarity and a feeling of security.

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Crib/Cot Bumper

This Cot accessory is the optimal solution for very active children. Your child will be cushioned against night time bumps. The height and position of the Bumper is adjustable.

Should your child begin a less active stage of sleep, simply remove one side of the Bumper.

Dimensions: Length 210cm, Height 25cm (adjustable)
Delivery contents: 2 pcs

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Our Bumpers are the perfect addition to any child’s cot. Your baby will be cushioned against night-time bumps in their cot. Simply tie the fastenings to the slatted frame of your baby's cot. Your baby will still have plenty of space for a safe and cosy sleep. Can be used in the cot, play pen or Bassinett.

Dimensions: length 235cm, Diameter approx. 9cm
Material: 100% Cotton, Lining: 100% Polyester
All materials certified for baby use

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Nursery Furnishings

We strive to offer you modern furnishings for your child’s room to help create the perfect little nest for your little one. Here are some ideas.

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Accessories and more

You can of course order the following accessories in any design of your choice so that your child’s room is decorated in one design.

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