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Babies Sleep

A baby will sleep well in a Bassinet or a cradle. Here it has cozy and protected surroundings. A large bedding space, and light airy fabrics are important so your baby can breathe easy whilst sleeping. For you it means that your baby is always near you in the living area.

Midwives generally advise that babies sleep best on their backs. The room temperature should be around 18°C and it is recommended to use a Baby sleeping bag. Avoid using a Duvet or Pelts in a Bassinet or Cot.

Baby’s temperature can be tested by touching the forehead or nape of the neck!

Should your baby have a tendency to be cold, then contact your midwife or pediatrician for advice.

Your Midwife or local Family support services can give you advice on how to provide the best sleep environment for your baby.

A Baby sleeps well on any mattress. Mattresses are air-permeable. The manufacturer confirms that the product is free of harmful substances.

The same applies to Bed sets. The padding of a bumper prevents the baby from injuring its head. An airy and light Canopy gives a feeling of security and soothing light in bed. Avoid thick bedding and lots of soft toys in the bed.

An important suggestion for the winter months when outdoors with your child: When you enter a warm building remove the blanket from your baby in its pram so as to prevent your child from overheating.


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